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Best Makeup Ideas for Red Hairs Ladies

June 15, 2022 Beauty

Red hair is beautiful, be it copper, mahogany or cherry red. Always hook adds extravagance overall appearance. Red-haired women always look gentle, mysterious like a fairy. Of course, some redheads are just the epitome of excitement, power and self-confidence. Wearing red hair with style is a demanding task, and requires that the makeup is balanced. There are secrets of makeup that we cannot wait to share with you.

As a rule, the red-haired woman with light skin there is no need to apply the cream if you are blessed perfect skin. Powder, bright shades is all you need. Central blurry background is all you need if you want to hide small imperfections of the skin.

From time to time, everyone loves to put cream and lay a foundation that agrees with their complexion. But for redheads is particularly suitable because it makes you look classy.

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Eye makeup for redheads

Time has run over many rules. More does not apply to green makeup is not suitable for redheads. Of course, garbage, olive and khaki still emphasize the beauty of red-haired woman, but you can use and make other colors. For example, warm shades like gold, copper, cinnamon, rust and nutmeg, perfectly fit into the special characteristic redheads. If you want to look especially sophisticated, using contrasting colors such as greenish color plums, bluish or turquoise. But you can and without eye shadow to looking fabulous, using only eyeliner for soft accents.

Redheads often have light eyelashes, or unusually heavy use of mascara that makes eyes come to the fore. Short eyelashes can extend the use of special mascara. Very light skin gives strong contrast black mascara. In this case, a better option is brown-black mascara.

For an evening out, you can try and make-up “smokey eyes”! This is particularly suitable for redheads if the rest of the makeup inconspicuous. However to avoid the deep dark shades and more use of gold, garbage and gray shades.

Eyebrow shaping for redheads

Highlighting the eyebrows is particularly important for redheads. If you have fair skin, avoid strong contrast on dark eyebrows as it may seem to wear a mask. Better to use eyebrow pencil brown red shades to look gentle and slightly pen create broken lines between the eyebrow hairs.

Lipstick or blush for redheads

Most redheads avoid putting blush on her cheeks. Too much red is still bad. Fortunately, today there are more shades of blush of ordinary red (rouge). Natural shades of blush, such as coral red, apricot and peach make the cheeks red-haired gentle shine and to look classy. Blush pink hue is too vague, and should be avoided.

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