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Listing & Advertise submission guidance

December 13, 2015 Listing & Advertise

By accessing or using goWorkable –  Web & business directory via our website (, you signify your agreement to these Terms of Use.

If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you may not access or use the Service.

  • I understand that goWorkable editors, reserve the right to remove your content from the lists without notification or explanation.
  • I understand that goWorkable editors, reserve the right to change or update your listing information without notification.
  • I understand that goWorkable reserves the right to change prices without notification.
  • I understand that goWorkable reserve the right to send you e-mail updates regarding our site and the services we offer.
  • I understand that goWorkable reserve the right to change these terms and rules without notification

Listing submission rules & guidance

  • Business/website name: must be the name of the business, key words are allowed. DON’T include url or in title.(50 characters in length max; is better on search engine)
  • Description: Only unique text as description will be accepted. No Keyword stuffing (100+ characters in description field that introduces your services or business)
  • Keywords: No more than two keyword Phrases for free listings (Max 3 words in a Phrase)
  • If link not accepted, submission fee will be refunded.
  • Website Link: No deep links  for free listings (Internal pages url) for free listings. Meaning that Website Link must be your website root domain (ex; deep links ONLY allowed in paid listings.
  • Listing Category: Identify and select the best categories/subcategories for Your Listing.
  • Listing Location: place the map marker correctly (submit as possible), the map marker icon can be easily set by following these steps:
    • write/past your address on the text field on the map
    • click anywhere outside the map, then check and confirm that the marker is created and placed automatically on the map.

General rules for all listings:

  • Your Listing and web site for the listing must be in the English.
  • Always spell-check your listing unique description. Start writing in your word processor application, and you may use this free unique text checker for checking rewritten content.
  • Do not list same content more than once. Repetitive, identical, or similar content as other Listing you may have submitted in goWorkable directory; may result in the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all related Listing.
  • We do not accept “under construction,” sites, a URL that redirects to another URL sites, mirror sites or sites consisting mostly of links.
  • Do not list products, for example your listing url must go to your website home page NOT a specific product listed on marketplace that is relevant to a company.
  • Do not list pornographic, adultgambling, violence, racism, illegal, offensive or inappropriate content.

For further details on terms you agree to when you use goWorkable click here.