Guest post Free & Paid submission options

December 26, 2023 Marketing,Website

Guest post Free & Paid submission options

If you are looking to get a high quality link to your site and  want it to be as natural and be related to your niche!  GoWorkable  offers Guest post Free & Paid submission options.

Here ate three “guest post” opportunities for publishing on our blog:

First FREE  guest posting offer:

Publishing your written article “guest post” with one link and one image for 3 months only No Charge. We accept to publish minimum 500 words professional article in a highly shareable style with one link to your site  and one image for 3 months.

How To Submit  free guest post for 3 months:

Your written article “guest post” must be original, It’s never been or going to be published anywhere else (although we welcome you to post on your own blog a summary with including a link back to the article on our site). Your guest post should be sent via our contact form and include:

  1. your 500 – 1500 words original unique article with One link maximum.
  2. include one  relevant image as Featured image.
  3. Provide us at least 3 long tail keywords ( (preferred four words sentence, and no more than 100 characters for best results. Example, ‘Great guest post to offer’ ).

Second offer permanent guest post:

Submit a written article with one featured image( or more article content images) and Two Do-follow links maximum for your website that will cost you $30 US Dollar  for “Permanent Guest Post“.

And your guest post will be listed on the homepage (blog section) of our site for a limited time until new posts are published. If you need to add more  value to your website, our offers is a wonderful opportunity to grow your  business, or service  and a great way to connect with new readers.

How to place an order for Paid guest post:

  • email  your minimum 500 words original unique article with One or Two  links maximum.
  • include 1-2 relevant image as Featured image.
  • Provide us at least 3 long tail keywords (No more than 100 characters sentence keywords for best results. ).
  • Please include your guest post article  in the body of the email. Or attach your completed post draft  as a Word doc (preferred), Google doc format, or docx file.
  • Please include any supporting images, info-graphics, embed codes or interactive content in the post.
  • Mack sure your included images are in the public domain or you have permission to use and publish.
  • Send $30 US Dollar payment for your order by using Paypal. and for “GoWorkable Guest post”

Guest post Free & Paid submission

Our Guest post Free & Paid submission options will profit for your website :

  • One or Two Do-Follow link
  • Fast Publication.
  • Relevant Images.
  • Enhance SEO value for your website.
  • Sharing on our Social media.
  • Increased brand awareness and Outreach to larger audience.

we don’t accept the followings:

  • we don’t accept GEO Based Keywords( keywords that focus on location).
  • we don’t accept Foreign (non-English) keywords.
  • we don’t accept Illegal, Adults, and Porn  related sites.
  • for Gambling sites please to send us an email..

We reserve the right to remove Not working links and edit the content to meet our editorial standards before final publication. We’re always looking forward to interacting with our readers and potential partners and for all general inquires, feel free to send us an email.

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